EB-2: Advanced Degree Holder/Exceptional Ability/ National Interest Waiver

immigration-eb2In order to be eligible for an EB-2 visa you must be in a profession and hold an advanced degree or an equivalent or be a foreign national with exceptional abilities.  These requirements and occupational categories are detailed below:

Advanced Degree Holders

In order to apply for EB-2 status as an advanced degree holder, you must hold a master’s degree or its equivalent.  A baccalaureate degree plus  five (5) years of progressive work experience in the related field may qualify for EB-2 classification.

Those with Exceptional Abilities

In order to apply for EB-2 status as a foreign national possessing an exceptional ability you must be able to demonstrate your ability in arts, science, or business.  The definition of exceptional ability used is a level of expertise which is significantly above that which is typically encountered in arts, science, or business.

National Interest Waivers

In order to apply for EB-2 status as a foreign national with a national interest waiver typically requires a demonstration of exceptional ability of which will be beneficial to the United States.  This includes a formal request for a waiver of the labor certification.  As a national interest waiver, one does not require an employer for sponsorship and can self-petition.

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